CPR+ Weekly Infusion

Issue #2

December 11, 2007

Editor: Jeff Johnston

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Data Clean Up Utility - Featured Article

Face it, your data isn’t as clean as you’d like it to be. Don’t worry – you can fix it. Besides, it’s not your fault, in fact, it is practically unavoidable. Over time, many CPR+ systems - probably even yours - get filled with garbage; incomplete, duplicate, misspelled and otherwise inaccurate data. The purpose of this article is to illustrate how the CPR+ Data Clean Up Utility allows you to easily “search and replace” old, misspelled, inaccurate or inconsistent data in your system, improving data integrity, accuracy and reporting.

Select Options Screenshot

When you standardize on a set of key data elements and make sure all of your historical data conforms to those data elements, you will dramatically improve historical reporting accuracy. Data elements currently available to scrub with the Data Clean Up Utility include Adjustment Types, Biller, Catheter Access, Collector, Payor Type, Referral Source, Revenue Code, Sales Representative and Therapy Type.

Step 1:  The first step in the process is to clean up your popup databases. Decide on a complete list of entries for each data element that will handle any scenario and eliminate the need to “add a new” entry on the fly. For each data element (therapy type, revenue code, etc.), delete the duplicate, inaccurate, or misspelled entries by clicking the “Clean Up Popup Data” button.  Building a clean list of popup entries will prevent erroneous data from being added to new records in the system. So you’re “clean” going forward, but what about your historical data?

Step 2: The next step in the process is to scrub your historical data based on your new list of popup entries. Think of the utility as a giant “Search and Replace” feature. Select a data element from the list and indicate which area(s) of the program you’d like to scrub. CPR+ will search through all of the records in that part of the system and display in a grid all of the unique occurrences / entries for that particular data element.  For each unique occurrence, assign a new value from your scrubbed "popup" list. You are cross-walking each entry from “Current Value” to “New Value” in the grid and when you’re finished, simply click the Update Data (F3) button. CPR+ then goes through your system and replaces each occurrence of the current value entry with the new value, permanently changing your live, historical data! That's it, it's fast and easy.

Change Value Screenshot

If you have suggestions for other data elements to incorporate into the Data Clean Up Utility, be sure to let me know. If you have questions about this or any other CPR+ feature, be sure to check out the free On-Demand training videos or give us a call to arrange one-on-one training.

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ERN Enrollment Info
By Lisa Kibe

Hello CPR+ Customers,

How many of you are still receiving paper EOB’s from Medicare? 

Sign up for Electronic Remittance Notices (aka ERA’s). With the CPR+ ERN Posting feature, you'll save time, money, paper, AND reduce your DSO. No need to wait for the multi-page paper EOB. Download the ERN as soon as the Medicare payment is processed and automatically post payments and bill your secondary payors an average of two weeks sooner than with paper EOB’s. Use the following links to enroll for Electronic Remittance Notices:
Jurisdiction A
Jurisdiction B
Jurisdiction C - Online enrollment
Jurisdiction D

Stay tuned for a full article on ERN Posting in CPR+ in an upcoming issue of the CPR+ Weekly Infusion. In the meantime, if you’d like more information on ERN Posting, contact Kim Carlsen to schedule some one-on-one training today.

v8.0 FREE Webinar Training Schedule

These presentations are designed to cover the latest Clinical/Inventory or Billing enhancements in CPR+ v8.0. The allotted time for each session is 1.5 hours. All phones are automatically muted during the presentation; however, questions can be sent to the presenter via the Question & Answer window. Click any of the Date/Time links to register.

v8.0 Webinar Presentation
12/11/2007, 1 PM EST   Clinical/Inventory v8.0 Enhancements
12/12/2007, 1 PM EST   Billing v8.0 Enhancements
12/18/2007, 1 PM EST   Clinical/Inventory v8.0 Enhancements
12/19/2007, 1 PM EST   Billing v8.0 Enhancements

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In This Issue...

Data Clean Up Utility

Employee Profile

CPR+ Tip of the Week

ERN Enrollment & Benefits Info

v8.0 FREE Webinar Schedule

Employee Profile

Derek Kennard

We are very pleased to introduce you to Derek Kennard, a member of the Training and Implementation Department. Derek has been a D.H.S. employee since January 2007. Prior to joining D.H.S., he spent 5 years with a large, multi-site Infusion / HME company outside Phoenix that uses CPR+. Before that, he worked at a Specialty Pharmacy company in Tempe for 5 years. Derek started his healthcare career as a Delivery Driver. During his interview, he said he enjoyed that position because it allowed him “the freedom to listen to what my customers wanted and needed, enabling me to give them a better, higher quality of service.” Well at that point, the interview was pretty much over. We knew we wanted employees with that kind of attitude. Not wanting to seem too eager, however, we pressed on. 

We asked him to describe his background and experience, and he said, “I have taken on and methodically learned many different roles in the IV / HME business, including Intake and Prior Auth, I was a Certified Pharmacy Technician, Billing and Collections Specialist, Time/Cost Efficiency Coordinator, National Contracts & Growth Implementation, Marketing, Branch Operations Manager, and finally, HME Operations Manager.  Healthcare was getting more high tech so I forced myself to learn Computer Networking, IT management, and SQL Server management.”

Umh, 10 years of industry experience in HME / IV, 5 years using CPR+ and IT / SQL experience . . . can you say “You’re hired!”??? After a three month internal training program during which Derek has further sharpened his CPR+ skills, he began conducting On-Sites, Virtual On-Sites, Sales Demos and Support Training for customers large and small. Since April 2007, Derek has conducted over 90 days of on-site training. Great Job Derek – we’re glad to have you! Now go home and see your wife and kids!

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CPR+ Tip of the Week

Remove RTB DT's w/ Shift+F5

Do you have un-billable Delivery Tickets cluttering up your “Ready-To-Bill” file? Perhaps you’ve made non-billable deliveries or you’ve provided service to patients with no payor source or you outsourced your billing to another company. Whatever the reason, you’ve got un-billable Delivery Tickets in your RTB file and you’d like to get them out of there without deleting them. Don’t delete them! You can easily remove them from the RTB file by highlighting the Delivery Ticket and pressing <Shift+F5>.

This will remove the ticket from the RTB file and assign it to invoice #999999. The benefit of this is that the ticket will remain in the patient’s Delivery Ticket History and the costs associated with the items delivered will be preserved for your Cost Analysis Reports -- neither of which is true if the ticket is deleted! Keep in mind however, since you are not assigning this ticket to an invoice for this patient, the costs will not show up on the Profitability Reports. If you have any questions about this feature, do not hesitate to contact the CPR+ Support Trainer at 877-277-4876.

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